why do we use words so carelessly? 


boiling blood. 


lose the ability to think

say hurtful things


expect them to let it go w/o an explanation or resolution


,,,resolution- we do we need clarity an understanding? 


i find the guy interesting. 

i feel judged by him yet he says he doesnt. not sure if i believe him yet. 

he talks … and i kinda like listening to him ramble on about random shit. 

he says he’s not a good friends, we both agreed on that one. 

he has nice taste in music and said i have good taste. 

good taste in what i said? 

life, he replied. 

i find myself getting nervous

i find myself getting anxious and excited to tell him a revelation, an observation, a thought. 

i find myself holding back

yet i find myself skipping around with a little smile and a giggle from time to time. 



i dont care that i bug him- i like it. 

i entertain myself with leaving messages

i entertain myself with the idea of saying his name as he wants it to be






took me a sorta while to chose a skin for my blog. it was reassuring that mine was just another blog on wordpress and that it didn’t need to be an exact representation of myself for the http://www.a bit frightening putting yourself out there- but… who gives a fuck.i think the one that i chose is a nice  good, i can relate to this feeling everyday kind of thing.anyway, i realized i don’t like to hold back my thoughts. although it is said that libras do not like confrontation i find myself face to face with it from time to time to most of the time.i’ve been wanting to blog for a while and friedie introduced me to wordpress.hoping  wp and i will work out. i need a place to express my random thoughts.Deer poop looks like berries that were eaten and digested through the system in whole pieces. Ever notice how their poop resembles their food?haha spent the day at The Cliffs Resort, in the wilderness riding around on golf carts attempting to play golf with my parents and miss connie. i initially detested the idea of going b/c i felt that i needed some space and alone time to dwell in nothingness- but my mother brought me to see that beauty can be found in many of places. I spent most of my time watching the adults interact with each other as well as being consumed in my own thoughts about deer poop, cold weather, my eyebrows, boys, charles, strangers that i’ve met, and how glad i was that i ended up going. i also realized how bratty i am. something to work on.he said, “stop lying to yourself.”-maybe he’s right. he is right. we weren’t meant to be and i simply wasn’t happy. and i’ll always add the but “it was so good when… blah blah” or “i was happy with him….” goodbyye yellow brick roadddd….

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